Boston Book Blog

In 2012 I moved back to Boston for the third time with a mission: I was going to be a Boston writer.

I sat down at my desk in Somerville, with the city skyline in the distance, and opened my laptop. “Ok, I’m going to find out what’s going on here in the city, and get connected with the writing community!” But when I searched for “Boston literary community,” or “Boston literary events,” or even “Boston authors.”

But I didn’t find THE one site I thought would surely exist. Instead, literary events were scattered about different bookstore and library websites. The Boston Globe covered some things, but not all. There was no one place that could tell me who the local writers were. It was like cobbling together a sense of the community.

So since I didn’t find the one site I thought would surely exist, I created it.

Since 2012, I’ve scaled the site exponentially (though there’s still so much to do!), have provided a one-stop-shop resource for those looking to learn about the literary community, house the largest listing of local literary readings and events, and have featured interviews and articles about local literary ventures. Above all, though, I’ve made connections with my fellow writers in Boston, and have championed the local literary scene.

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