You’re not looking for the same old kind of writer, are you? You know, the ones who have a 10-point formula for this, a 5-step formula for that. Every project is unique - as is every client - so why would you choose a storyteller who works off of a template? You want an experienced writer who knows voice and style, as well as the value of clear communication, and who can make your content unique and noticeably different.

I’ve been writing for over 20 years, and studying the craft of it as well. I know how to construct a story that engages an audience, to pick the right voice and narrative style you need for your project - whether it be a blog post, a newsletter, or a storytelling article - and to produce content professionally and on deadline. After all, I’ve written everything from web copy to blog posts to longform articles to a novel to a master’s thesis. Additionally, I know all the extra “English major” skills: proofreading, grammar, editorial management, style guide application, and more. (And yes, I’m pro-Oxford comma, and you should be too.)

But writing isn’t the only thing I do. For over fifteen years I’ve been on the front lines of customer service, and have an extensive knowledge of how to go about helping patrons find what they’re looking for. I created my first website in 1997 (remember Geocities?), and since then have created and managed website content and structure for non-profits and for-profits - including the most well-known business school in the world. Take a peek at The Boston Book Blog (, too, a website I created that covers the local literary scene. Throw in extensive project management, event/logistics planning, Excel wizardry, and a problem-solving mind, and you get a sense of what I can bring to your project.

Therefore, I can help you make your content engaging and your copy clean and pristine - because clear, professional communication determines how you’re seen by your customer.

I’m available to help you with whatever writing your project needs. Get in contact with me below.

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