About Me

We used to vacation to Boston often - mostly we’d stop there on our way down to the Cape - but there was one particular trip that converted me. I think I was 10 or 11 at the time, and we were staying at Rowe’s Wharf on the Waterfront. We went to dinner one night at the Union Oyster House, the nation’s oldest restaurant, and there on the floor of the bar was a $20 bill.

Now, a $20 bill, in early-’90s money, to a 10 year old? My goodness.

I told my Dad, and he said that if anyone came looking for it while we were waiting for our table, we’d give it back. But no one came looking, and it was MINE. I spent it at the old Tower Records on Newbury Street the next day.

And Boston had gotten me. Did Boston bribe me to fall in love with it? Maybe you could call it that. But I’m sure it’s more about the city’s Revolutionary War history, it’s famous literary folks of the past, it’s waterfront, it’s passion, it’s ability to be a big city and a tiny town all at once.

See, I’m not from here (yes, I’m a native New Yorker), but Boston’s my home.

You should probably also know that growing up I wanted to be a comic book illustrator, but in the process of writing my own comic books, I fell in love with writing. I distinctly remember coming home from school one day sophomore year of high school, crossing the walkway outside of our house, and thinking, “I’m going to be a writer.”

So here we are.

I hold a BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College, with a concentration in Creative Writing, and an ALM in English from Harvard University, where my thesis on Moby-Dick received Honorable Mention at graduation. I also got to present it at the Graduate Symposium as well.

I mostly focus on fiction writing, but also work within other genres, including academic writing, copy writing, marketing content, book reviews, interviews, longform articles, and whatever else I need at the moment. You can find more of my stuff on my Works page.

I’m currently seeking representation for a literary fiction novel entitled Reconstructing Lasky, and working on my next novel, about paramedic in 1970s Boston.

In 2012, I founded The Boston Book Blog, a website covering the city's literary scene. You can find the origin story over on my Boston Book Blog page.

Finally, I’ve started freelancing! Find out more about how I can help you with your content creation needs.


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